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    Soahk : That was the problem with shutting down by regions. Can't stop people from inter-regional travel, so it was bound to spread.
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    6ftgrneyedgrl : Right it was the travel that cause the new strains
    Tassiegerry : Victoria did. People were kept in their own little area or copped a bloody great fine. The wallopers were having a field day
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    6ftgrneyedgrl : Ok it says grey lockdown stores are open at 25 percent
    Tassiegerry : The police were savage in Victoria, but it worked
    XAllFatherOdinX : Good morning
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    6ftgrneyedgrl : Morning
    Soahk : Yeah, Thunder Bay? Bet they thought it was never going to happen there.
    Soahk : Morning
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    apsaraa92 : Soaaaaaa haiiiii!!!!!!!!
    apsaraa92 : Haiiii 6fttttt
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Hey sara
    apsaraa92 : Tasssieeee my favourite uncleeeeee
    Tassiegerry : Good evening Favourite neice. LOL
    Soahk : Hi Aaaapppps!
    Maxxx99 : You people are being so lied to , the world order never imagined how easy it would be to fleece you with a laboratory made virus. So sad :(
    6ftgrneyedgrl : I wonder if Timmy?s delivers..hmm
    XAllFatherOdinX : Hi Sara
    Soahk : You people!
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    Tassiegerry : Maxxx99, why don't you shovel the crap you're spreading down your own bloody throat
    6ftgrneyedgrl : this First time maxxx spoke
    Soahk : Comes out with a real zinger too.
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    Maxxx99 : Hey gerry, Im pedaling no crap, The virus is real but the data and everything they're telling us about it is a lie. Are you ready to live your remaining years in lockdown?
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    Tassiegerry : We're not in lockdown. Read the REAL news
    xoz : firefauci trending on twitter
    Sweet6Dane : a fake Odin i see - Vikings see that - . . . :D
    Maxxx99 : 
    Maxxx99 : Anyways Im sorry, I'll not say another word.
    xoz : 'biden idiot' trending on google
    Soahk : I could use a real Danish
    Tassiegerry : Lookout. Here comes the aluminium helmet brigade
    Soahk : No, say things, that is the purpose of the chat.
    Sweet6Dane : Maxxx - if it's all alie, how come that 2,5 millions are dead - so far
    Soahk : Just be prepared for a reaction
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Maxxx man made or not it?s still a threat